Covid-19 Guatemalan Artisan Relief Collection

All products in our Artisans Relief Collection are 20% off so we can  provide aid and work for our artisan partners.  Guatemala is in the beginning phases of dealing with COVID-19. The country is now shut down. We are praying for our artisans and their families, who depend on us for income. Being able to continue ordering with them we can create hope that things will get better. Many of our artisans are woman and craft our products in their homes while they care for their children. So even while the country is shutdown, they are able to work at home and produce our products if they can buy the needed supplies.

52 results
String Charm Bracelets Fair Trade Courage
Fair Trade String Bracelets from Guatemala, Tree of life, Elephant, Sun, Silver beads
Freedom String Charm Bracelets Set - Carded
Beads String Charm Bracelet
Circle String Charm Bracelet
Sun String Charm Bracelet
Elephant String Charm Bracelet
Turtle String Charm Bracelet
Dragonfly String Charm Bracelet
Infinity String Charm Bracelet
Blue and White BBN bracelet #teamKentucky jewelry fair trade string bracelet
Fair trade String Bracelets handmade in Guatemala

52 results

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