Lunar Revolution Collection

Lunar Revolution Jewelry is inspired by sacred geometry, mystical goddesses and ancient symbols that connect us to a state of one-ness. Made with sterling silver, 14K gold and brass; all earwires are sterling silver. Produced in Fair Trade workshops in both India and Nepal, where handcrafting fine jewelry is a time-honored tradition and artisans earn fair wages for their special skills.
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Necklace Crystal Seed
Necklace Enlightenment Lotus
Necklace Sun Salutation
Necklace Tiny Dreamer
Diffuser Necklace Inner Flower
Diffuser Necklace Seed of Life
Diffuser Necklace Sri Yantra
Diffuser Necklace Moon Phase
Earring Creativity Chakra
Earring Blooming Lotus
Earring Moon Goddess
Earring Crystal Seed

30 results

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