Lucia's World Emporium

Lucia's embodies Fair Trade principles, purchasing high-quality handmade products from artisans all over the world at fair wages and prices, providing jobs which provide funding to educate future generations while keeping traditional artwork and crafts alive in regions where globalization is threatening to destroy traditional artisanal careers.

Fair Trade strives to create opportunity for artisans and farmers to improve their businesses and wages, hold all parties accountable to one another, provide safe and fair working conditions and admonish low wages, slavery, and child labor from industries that utilize these problematic practices.  Fair Trade seeks to ensure the rights of women and children, respect cultures and cultural identities, and cultivate environmental stewardship so all parts of the business are both people-  and eco-friendly.  Fair Trade seeks to create a better world now and for the future in all aspects of our business.

By buying Fair Trade you are ensuring the products in your home are made ethically and sustainably without the child labor, slave wages, and unsafe working conditions prevalent in many industries.  Artisans hand make each item available on our website to create high-quality, sustainable products!