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Chakra Balancing Stones

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Align your energies. The Chakra Balancing Stones can be used in mindful meditation towards balancing chakras. Seven dark gray palewa stones are carved with a lotus design and painted in accent colors corresponding to the charkas. The box includes affirmations for crown (enlightenment), third eye (vision), throat (communication), heart (love), solar plexus (courage and will), sacral (passion), and root (physical wellbeing).

Centuries ago, skilled stone workers were brought to Agra under Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan to build the Taj Mahal. Today their descendants remain in the region, using the same tools and methods to achieve intricate soapstone carvings and inlay for beautiful sculptures and decorative pieces. Our fair trade partner Tara Projects has been working with stone carvers in Agra for nearly two decades, improving the health and safety of producers, ensuring fair prices and emphasizing the importance of education for children.



Each rock measures 2.5Lx1.75W, box measures 13.25Lx3.75Wx1.25H inches

How It's Made

Handmade by artisans in India