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Peace Gift Set

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The perfect gift set for those seeking to bring peace to their lives.  

Featuring a calming candle and a Peace String Bracelet and a Hand Carved Kiisi Sandstone Heart, this set is sure to be loved by any recipient.  

(-Pick your string bracelet color or Candle Scent! Go to "Contact Us" at the bottom of our website to tell us which you want! ) 



Our Year of Inspiration travel tins are a year in, year out favorite.  

4 oz soy blend candle in a convenient recyclable container, burns about 18 hours. 

The perfect way to be inspired every day, wherever you go. Sold individually.

Wax:  soy blend candle with cotton wick

Fragrance:  essential oil based

Dimensions:  3” W x 2” H

Burn time:  about 18 hours

Container:  recyclable aluminum 

Sea Mist
"I'm not afraid of storms, for I'm learning to sail my ship." Louisa May Alcott

Clean & fresh, reminiscent of a light ocean breeze.


This fair trade peace string bracelet is made from colorful string with a silver metallic symbol at the center representing peace, love, harmony, and good vibes. Each bracelet features a pull string slip knot closure to make them easy to wear. Stack them or wear it separately. Comes in assorted colors.

Each purchase empowers Guatemalan artisans.



Give someone the words of encouragement that they need with a Soapstone Word Heart. Our word hearts are hand-carved out of stone, sanded, dyed, and then etched, all using simple hand tools.


Your purchase empowers Artisans across the globe.






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