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Vasanta Terracotta Bird House

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$ 38.00 USD
Attract all the birds to the yard with this handcrafted, eco-chic, terracotta bird house featuring a refined, circular design and brilliant white, hand painted accents.

The bird house includes a removable perch and sturdy hanging loop handcrafted with assorted, upcycled Indian textiles. The design is inviting and versatile, doubling as a bird feeder. This piece is hand painted using eco-friendly, non-toxic paint.

Due to the handmade and upcycled nature of our items, hanging loop colors and designs cannot be determined or chosen. Each piece is a unique surprise and may not match the photo shown (photos are just an example).

This intentionally crafted bird house and bird feeder combo is a perfect gift for birders and love ones who appreciate a beautiful combination of form and function.



7"L , 8" W

How It's Made

Handmade by artisans in India