2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Holidays! We've curated a gift guide of our top staff pick gifts for everyone on your Christmas list. Select from some of our favorite new arrivals and classic staples. Shop home décor for mom, mittens for dad, picture frames for friends, and so much more. And don't worry, we won't tell if you gift yourself something special too. 

Be sure to place your online orders by December 14th for guaranteed delivery by Christmas. Curbside and in store shopping is available until Christmas Eve. We also offer free gift wrapping and gift notes online for a hassle free holiday season. Just check the box at checkout.  

Gift Sets and Gift Cards

Our staff has been selecting items all year for our gift sets. They've picked a range of items from breadwarmer gift set, Kantha jewelry collection, The Chocolate Lovers Gift Set, Andean Kids Backpack Collection,  Alpaca Socks and Wallet Gift  Set and many more. Our sets also come at any price range and in sizes from just two products to four or five. 

gift sets and cards

Sometimes the best gift is the gift of choice. That's why we offer in store gift cards and online e-gift cards for any amount from $10. When you give a holiday gift card, your loved ones can have fun learning the stories behind each of our products and the importance of fair trade. When you purchase a gift card for $100 you can get $10 off.  

Gifts for Dad: 

Dad's are notoriously difficult to shop for. So, we thought we'd start the gift guide with our top picks for dads. 

A safe bet for dads is always new winter accessories. We've got a collection of super soft winter wear in from Peru and Bolivia. Empower indigenous artisans from the Andes region and give an incredible gift that your dad can use every day. 


So many dads also love fun patterns. I know my dad does. That's why we are recommending creative masks for dads. The sugar skull masks are a great option for a father who loves rock and roll. 

If your dad is anything like mine, he also loves craft beer. For an extra special present, we're recommending our handmade Guatemalan beer mugs.  beer mug

Gifts for Mom:

Are you looking for something unique and creative for mom? Well, look no further. 

My mom loves colorful statement jewelry. Kantha jewelry from India hits the mark with all Moms! And we all need a little message of Unity in these trying times. This bracelet and earring accessory combination adds some fun flare to her life! The beads are handmade from repurposed fabric beads and are one-of-a-kind. The soapstone heart is carved, sanded, and painted in Kisii, Kenya.


Another great gift for moms is our Bolga Aftrican Shopping Tote and Kantha Throw Blanket Set.  Kantha is a traditional stitching form in India. These unique Kantha throws are made from recycled sari wraps. Both the throws and baskets are sold individually and in sets. 


To give your moms something super luxurious, we recommend our alpaca wraps from Peru. Our wraps are handmade by small scale farmers and artisans. 

alpaca wrap

Gifts for Your Significant Other:

Sometimes the hardest people to shop for are the ones you love the most. We're here to help you stop overthinking your gift for your significant other and start feeling so excited to give it to them. Our staff picks are elegant, simple, and meant for making memories. 

The Jade Post Earring is the number one pick for the woman in your life. Jadeite is a rare and precious stone that comes from remote mines in Guatemala. The ancient Mayan people valued this green gem above all others. For them, jade signified eternity. During the Spanish conquer of Guatemala, this beautiful resource was hidden and the mines were lost, only to be rediscovered around 50 years ago. Now, the ancient tradition of harvesting jade is alive again in Guatemala. By gifting jade jewelry, you keep this cultural heritage alive and you protect the planet as jade harvesting is incredibly sustainable. 

jade post sterling silver earring

For the man in your life, we recommend one of our fun sock gift sets.One of our favorites in the combo Shupaca sock, sustainably out of Alpacaand a fine Leather Wallet (suede) with ikat fabric detail.Shupaca Alpaca Sock and wallet Gift set


Are you getting serious with your significant other? Then commemorate the year with a unique ornament for your tree! Start a tradition of adding a new ornament every year. 

gourd ornament santa

Gifts for Students:

Do you love a UK student? We offer a wide range of products specially for students. Here are our top three. 

Fun socks are the hallmark of any student's outfit. We have a whole collection of funky socks with a purpose. Each pair of our socks is handmade ethically and responsibly, and a portion of the sale goes toward a worthy cause! We recommend our "Socks that Protect the Planet" gift box to elevate this gift. 

socks that protect the planet gift box

Students are learning so much and exploring new ideas. Give your favorite student a place to write down their ideas with our Elephant Family Notebook. 

elephant family notebook

We had to throw in a UK item for our Lexington family on the gift guide. Shop our collection of Kentucky themed ornaments. They can also be converted to magnets when the holidays are done! Students have limited space, so these little guys can be functional and decorative for their dorms. home magnet

Gifts for Friends:

Are you doing a gift exchange with friends this year, but you don't know what to get? Here are some of our best simple items to get your buddies. 

We couldn't make a gift guide and not put friendship bracelets on it. It's the classic gift for your best friend forever. We recommend the elements bracelet set. Match all year long. 

elements bracelet set

Another great and simple gift is fair trade chocolate. Our chocolates are made by cooperative farming groups throughout the world, and they come in fun and festive flavors like toffee, raspberry, and more. 


Last but not least are our hand-carved wooden picture frames. These frames are sustainably made from mango wood discarded from farms, and the mandala pattern gives them a trendy look. Put a photo of one your best memories with your friend in the frame before you wrap it up!

mandala picture frame mango wood

Gifts for Coworkers:

Shopping for your coworkers can be one of the toughest challenges. We've collected our top items to spruce up their at-home office and make the work day go by a little faster. 

An office desk always needs a great office plant. But if your coworkers are anything like me, they need a very low maintenance one. That's why we're suggesting our plush felted artificial plants! These little guys will brighten up their day and they are no maintenance at all! 

cactus felt peyote

We all know the best part of the workday is the coffee breaks. So, get your coworker their new favorite mug. Our Guatemalan mugs are hand-painted by skilled artisans near Lake Atitlan. 

coffee cup

Send a kind message to your coworker with a soapstone carved heart and charm set from Kenya! Choose your message in the dropdown menu on the website, or call into the shop for our expanded list of available messages.

soapstone heart

Gifts for Kids:

Some of my personal favorite items in the store are our items for babies and young children. Here are three of our staff top picks for winter.

Animal hats are super cute, cozy, and warm. They will quickly become your little one’s favorite winter accessory. Each adorable animal is knitted and crocheted by artisans in Peru or Bolivia.

cow hat

Dreamcatchers make for excellent kid room décor. Try this unicorn one for a little girl's room. 

unicorn dreamcatcher

Last but not least we have the Andean Backpack Collection! The unique folk art known as “Arpillera”, is appliqué depicting village scenes & other aspects of daily life.  Also included a baby wool fur Vicuna and a set of  Pine Bark Crayon crafted from pine branches. Chunky and tactile, these are a joy for children and adults alike. Made in Ecuador.

Now that you've got lots of ideas for your holiday shopping, be sure to place your online orders by December 14th for guaranteed delivery by Christmas! Curbside pickup and in store shopping availble until Christmas Eve for those nearby our brick and mortar stores.



2020 Holiday Gift Guide

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