Our 14th Anniversary

It's our 14th Anniversary, and so much more!

Our Anniversary celebration is going from Nov 23-30 this year. We've combined quite a few holidays into one massive excuse for a sale. How great is that? Shop 'til you drop with our spin to win game on the website. You can spin the wheel for chance to win up to 50% off your entire purchase. Bring your discount code from the game into the store, and use it again! When you bring your code into the shop, you can also be entered to win a gift away basket for everyone in Lexington and Saugatuck. 

But this week is about more than just big savings. It's about embracing the official start of the holiday season and giving back to the people who make our goods. Read on to learn about how doing your holiday shopping with Lucia's means supporting artisans and protecting Mother Nature. 

gift basket and alpaca blanket

A Week of Savings

 All week you can join us to SPIN TO WIN anything from a free gift to 50% off your entire purchase. When you spin on our website, you can bring your email confirmation into the shop to save a second time too. An added bonus for all you Lexingtonians and Saugatuckians out there - when you come by the store, you can be entered to win a free gift basket! We'll be giving away the Coffee Lover's Collection, and you can check out all of our other gift sets here

A Fair Trade Holiday Season

As much as we think our spin to win game is worth talking about, we know that everyone is offering sweet savings this weekend. We also know that what matters to you more than price tags is how your goods are made. That's why we want to make shopping ethically the easiest option for you and your family. 

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Fair trade shopping means giving the gift of security and economic opportunity to small, underprivileged communities around the world. Every item in our store is made carefully by hand. For most products, we can even tell you the names of the people who worked to create them. Now more than ever this is so vital. A typical large brand company does not know or care for their workers. They feel no pressure to provide breaks, safe working conditions, or benefits - all so that a t-shirt can cost $5. The difference in fair trade is that many workers can make their products from their own homes. The process is meant to be slow and personal. It's meant to utilize traditional practices.  

Fair trade gives back another way too. Not only do fair trade gifts give back to their makers, they protect the planet. Here at Lucia's we know that providing economic opportunities to our artisan partners is meaningless if we don't also work to provide their children with a clean and healthy planet. That's why we take every measure possible to reduce our carbon footprint. We start with the simple things like turning the lights off at night and recycling. But we also extend our reduce, reuse, recycle mentality to reused packaging in all of our shipments. In fact, from November 27-30, we are guaranteeing carbon offsets on all online purchases. We utilize recycled cardboard for our display tags. We only use sustainably sourced natural fabrics for our clothing and accessories. Fair trade and climate consciousness go hand in hand. 

Our anniversary is the beginning of one of the best times of the year - the winter holiday season. We love to celebrate it with flashy sales and fun products. And we can't wait to see you celebrating with us. We'd love to hear how you and your loved ones like and use our products. However, the purpose behind our sales is always to be fair. It's all about giving back. We believe that's what the holidays should be all about. 


Our 14th Anniversary

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