Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! The team here at Lucia's and all of our artisan partners want to say we love you and we are thankful for your support! We wanted to spend this day giving you some encouragement and sharing our thoughts on why Valentine's Day is a day to focus on fair trade. That's because fair trade is about the ethics of caring for people around the world with your everyday habits. 

 Encouragement for Your February

I'm going to say it at least one-hundred times in this blog post, but Valentine's Day is all about showing the love, so the only natural place to start is with giving some love to y'all. Throughout the past year, your support has allowed us to stay open and THRIVING! While this time has been really hard, you have still allowed our business to grow. Your support has allowed us to provide for more artisans than ever before. We've even been able to extend our direct impact past the circle of our artisans and their families. Now, we are using a portion of our profits to provide nutritious meals for Guatemalans who have lost their jobs or are otherwise struggling with COVID. We appreciate you. We need you. We are so grateful that you have visited Lucia's. 

At the same time, as much as kind words are great, I also know that actions speak louder (my momma taught me well). That's why we're also showing the love with 10% off our gift sets this Valentine's Day. Shop for yourself or a loved one, and have a little extra change to spare on chocolate! We ship throughout the US and we can guarantee delivery by Valentine's when you order by February 1st. 

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Why Fair Trade is So Important on Valentine's Day

Fair trade is all about caring for others. And so is Valentine's Day! With every purchase you make, you tell the people who made your goods how much you value them. That's really the tough reality of it; when we have a moment of weakness and buy something cheap and quick from Amazon or Walmart, we are telling the people who made those goods that their time, labor, and safety is not as important as our own. So, especially on this special day I believe that choosing to shop fair trade is one of the best decisions you can make. 

When you shop fair trade items, you not only support the fair wage, safe working conditions, and personal development of makers. You also learn their faces and names. You restore the production chain. In modern culture, we've lost the ability to trace how our goods are made, but fair trade helps to solve that problem. By shopping fair, you are making a difference in the world - a huge one.

Happy Valentine's Day

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