Post Pandemic Survival Guide

It's been more than a year since the world was this open. Many of us are coming out of our hibernation period with new perspectives, priorities, and passions that we want to share with the community around us.

In this blog, you'll find all of the ways that Lucia's is here to help you show off your love for fair trade and the ethical goods that you are curating for your home and closet. We've got best-selling items, artisan stories, and quotes from our team about exciting products for this summer.

Best Sellers

The weather is warming up and we are finally beginning to gather again. These best-selling items for the year will be a big hit with your circle.

neon string charm bracelets - beads, dragonfly, infinity, elephantguatemalan blue pattern salsa bowl

 Add a little pop of color and fun to your summer outfit with our string charm bracelets. New accessories are a must to refresh post-pandemic. Our fair trade Salsa Bowl is perfect for serving your favorite chips and salsa at your first post-pandemic party! Pair it with our tapas dishes for a fair trade feast.

pink floral embroidered clutch cotton and vegan leather

african market basket and blocked printed green kantha sari throw
This embroidered clutch will surely make heads turn!  Made with embroidered cotton and vegan leather, your friends will be sure to ask you about this beauty on your next shopping trip.  Our combination Bolga African Shopper Tote Basket and a Kantha throw is perfect for taking on a picnic! The delicate designs showcase traditional crafts from Africa and India.
Artisan Stories

 The beautiful and diverse products we offer here at Lucia's would not be possible without the artisans we partner with. These artisans, some even in the face of oppression, are dedicated to preserving their heritage in their handicrafts. Take for example, many of the woven products we carry from Guatemala. These items are woven using a backstrap loom, said to be given to women at creation in Mayan tradition. Read more about weaving and textiles in this artisan story, and share it with your family and friends when you use a fair trade product.

weaving tradition story

Staff Picks!

We reached out to two of our full time staffers here at Lucia's and asked, "What is your favorite item in the shop for post-pandemic?" Here's what they said:

"As things begin to open up more, I'm excited to go out in my Rajani Jewelry Set. It's simple enough to go with most of my outfits, yet the necklace still makes a great statement piece! We have all been through a lot of changes over the past year, and I love the symbolism of lunar phases as we come out of the pandemic. The full moon in the necklace makes me think of the growth we've accumulated, and the light that we can shine as we step back into social situations with those we love and new acquaintances." - Hannah, Marketing Team
lunar phases necklace
"We just found out the 4th of July Fireworks are back on this year for our town!!   It feels like a fitting celebration as life begins to move toward normal!  I'm looking forward to grabbing my Brushed Cotton Blanket and heading out to watch them. Blankets and sitting outside with people again popped into my head when I saw post-pandemic." - Kathi, Saugatuck Sales Team
 organic cotton blanket
Post Pandemic Survival Guide

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