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What do you need for Back-to-School this year?

Whether you're going back to the classroom or the kitchen table, Lucia's has got you covered. In just a few short weeks the new school year is starting up again. To a lot of parents out there, it kind of feels like it's snuck up on us this year. Every day the rules of the game are changing, and it seems impossible to know what you need and what to expect. 
That's why Lucia's is here to make the transition just a little bit easier. In this newsletter we've spelled out our Top Five Back to School Essentials, coming to your classroom straight from Guatemala. BackpacksKid's Masks, Notebooks, Clothes, and Accessories (because style doesn't stop for COVID) are at the top of our list. 


At this point you're thinking, why is a backpack a necessity for homeschooling?  We believe that even if kids are going to have to stay away from friends and teachers, it always helps to have that feeling that things are getting back to normal. Also, students are going to need a place to store supplies no matter what. Our collection of colorful backpacks in all shapes (including animals shapes) and sizes is sure to suit every student. Take your last chance to save 20% on this year's backpack now.

Kids Face masks

Kid's Face Masks

Finding a mask that kids are comfortable wearing for 20 minutes at the store is a challenge, right? 8 hours in the classroom seemed impossible to us, so we solved it! Our kids face masks come in a headband/ button version  to relieve pressure on the ears. Also, all of our kids masks come are 100% cotton and triple layered with a filter pocket. Stay stylish, comfortable, and safe with handcrafted Guatemalan masks. Stay tuned for beaded styles coming soon.

Kids Accessories


Autumn is here and it's time for the back to school closet update. For many parents, times have become tight and it looks like there's no end in sight. A great budget alternative to fancy new outfits is new accessories for school. This way kids still have the school shopping experience without the huge price tag. Shop barrettes, headbands, bracelets, and more on our webpage. 



The key to success in the classroom will always be top notch note taking. Set your favorite student up for success with a brand new notebook. If you know someone extra studious, we've got the perfect gift set complete with a bow tie and brain teaser puzzle game. All of our paper products are made from recycled materials, having minimal impact on the environment.  



Like we said before, the best part of going back to school is the wardrobe revamp. Get your backpack and first day of school outfit at Lucia's. 


How Its Made

All of our backpacks, masks, and accessories are made by hand in rural Guatemala. You might have noticed the careful embroidery and bright colorful designs on many of these products. This comes from an ancient tradition of weaving and embroidery often using backstrap and counterbalance looms. 
Learn more with our new Face Mask artisan story!

Face Mask Artisan Story
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