Spring Has Sprung

Happy Equinox! First Day of Spring

Today is the spring equinox, which marks the first day of spring. On this magical day, the sun rests exactly above the equator, making day and night the same length. Not only this, but equinoxes are the only days when the sun rises and sets exactly to the east and west. To celebrate, we want to share how a number of traditional cultures have celebrated the equinox and what it's meant to them. We also want to showcase the new spring items we have in the shop!

How ancient cultures celebrated

In the northern hemisphere, many ancient cultures have spring equinox traditions. The Persians celebrate the ancient 13-day holiday of Nowruz to welcome the new year. In Japan, many people visit the graves of their loved ones on this day. The ancient Chinese would balance eggs for good luck, and many still believe that this is the only day that an egg can be balanced on it's end. Give it a try and let us know!  

However, most of our artisan partners actually live south of the equator, where today marks the fall equinox! Here is a tradition from the Maya. In Mexico, the Maya built the pyramid El Castillo that show snake-like shadows crawling down it during the equinox. Thousands gather to watch this each year.

In addition to this, many ancient cultures built monuments that aligned with the equinox and solstice in surprising ways - even one right here in the US in Colorado. Thanks to the Pueblo people for this feat of engineering.

New Spring Items are coming soon!

At Lucia's we are celebrating by announcing some new products for spring and summer! On our home page, you can now scroll through all of the items we've added within the last month, so you can always see the newest arrivals! 

For spring, we've been shopping jewelry and accessories! Check out a few of my favorites from our partners in India, World Finds! 

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Spring Has Sprung

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