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Mantra Mala Turquoise Bracelet

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$ 22.50 USD

This classically styled bracelet is a symbol of wisdom, protection, and spiritual enlightenment. Meticulously crafted by artisans in Vietnam with using genuine Turquoise stones. Each Turquoise bead is carefully polished to highlight its natural beauty and unique matrix patterns, imbuing the wearer with a sense of serenity and inner peace.

Accompanying the Turquoise stones are lava stones, prized for their porous texture, allowing them to absorb essential oils for aromatherapy benefits. Additionally, three mantra beads are interspersed throughout the bracelet, serving as a tangible reminder to focus on positive affirmations, meditation, or prayer, enhancing the overall healing experience.


Turquoise and lave stone


Stretches to fit most wrists

How It's Made

Handcrafted in Vietnamn