Meet Maria!

Maria is one of our longtime artisan partners from Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. During these uncertain times, we hope to be able to continue to provide for Maria and her children through our Artisan Relief Fund, so her family can stay healthy and fed.

Here's the story of how Teresa, our founder, met Maria and developed a lifelong relationship...

Eduardo and I met Maria about 8 years ago, when Maria’s husband David, followed Eduardo around begging him to order some jewelry with him. We started ordering their spiral bracelets that were a great hit! A wonderful relationship was formed, and we expanded our work with them.

We named our first collection Trio of Hope because they were always so grateful for the work we were giving them. They now make our Flower collection, our beaded friendship bracelets and headbands.

Trio of Hope Bracelets     Beaded peace and friendship bracelets

Several years ago, Maria told my office manager that David had started drinking, abusing her and was seeing another woman. Then both she and the other woman became pregnant at the same time. Maria named her baby Teresita - such an honor. Eventually, David left Maria for the other woman.

Maria and Teresita in Guatemala

We continue to work with Maria today. She is illiterate and her teenage son helps her with reading and writing.

Guatemala is in the beginning phases of dealing with COVID-19. The country is shut down, but our artisans are still able to produce in their homes if they can buy the needed supplies.

Our artisans depend on us, and by providing them with orders, we can create create hope that things will get better. All products on our Artisans Relief page will be discounted 20% in the month of April and May so we can either provide aid or work for the families who need it most. Maria relies on us to feed her family, and with your help, her worries will lessen.

Meet Maria!

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